Monday, August 3, 2009

Flu Beauty

I've had the flu about five times in the past 12 months.  This is after a hiatus of about 10 years.  I hope that God is not preparing me for bad morning sickness with my next kid.  Last night was incident number five.  You (and I) may wonder what beauty there is in the flu.  

One of my biggest fears before having children was what I would do when I got sick.  How can you nurse a baby when there is no liquid left in your stomach?  How can you take care of a toddler when you can't leave the bathroom?  God has been merciful this year though.  Either Timothy has been home to take care of Hazel, he has been able to come home to take care of Hazel, or I've gotten sick at night after she has gone to bed.  Last night was no different.  Timothy was home and it was the violent, but speedy version of the flu.  

I no longer have to worry about nursing, but it was amazing to see how my body would provide for Hazel when I didn't think I had any moisture left in me.  Mentally and emotionally, I want to do good for her even if it is to my own hurt.  Apparently my body agrees.   

Anywho, liquid stopped leaving my body in the middle of the night.  Timothy was off early to work.  I'm sitting here - floppy, drinking from my large stock of Pedialyte and strangely thankful.  

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