Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A New Camera

Here I am, ready to blog.  I've been keen on the idea for awhile, but I've had to really think about why I want to start another hobby.  (That is, in addition to the soap-making I started last week.)

It is a good question - why do people. specifically me, think they need a blog?

I come by letter writing naturally.  Before a husband and children, I wrote long letters to friends and I kept most of the letters they sent to me.  This includes a letter sent by a friend when we were in the 2nd grade.  I think it still has peanuts taped to the top of it.  There are other ways to keep in touch - email, facebook, cell phones.  However, none of these encourage complex thought or sentences quite like a letter.  

I attended a wedding this summer.  I took pictures and some of my more talented friends took pictures too.  Comparing the photos, you'd barely be able to tell that we were at the same wedding.  Why?  Yes, they have nicer cameras than mine, but they also have better perspectives.

I need that in my own life.  I live in a unique place - on top of a mountain in the midst of beauty. However, I get up and go to work like a large majority of the population.  It is hard to notice the beauty sometimes.  BUT - if I am going to write someone a letter, it forces me to consider what might be their perspective and enjoy my own life from a better angle and with a larger lens.

That is what this blog is for me - a new camera.