Monday, September 8, 2014

Writing Again

After a two-kid hiatus, it is time for me to start writing again. I have nine minutes left of mandatory quiet time. Only one child naps anymore, so this time essentially means - let me be quiet. Stay in your rooms and don't talk to me. Now eight minutes to say why I've decided to write again. I took a short road trip last Friday and the drive was so beautiful. I had some time to think while the munchkins enjoyed the generally restricted DVD player. My life is beautiful too, but it doesn't seem like it in the middle of it. You know how you can be reading a passage in a book about someone's typical day and it seems fascinating because it is an intimate look at someone else's humdrum? Well (four minutes left), when I write about my life, it seems beautiful again. I can be on the outside, look in, and appreciate what is not apparent to the protagonist, only the reader. I need to write and then read my own life to appreciate it. So perhaps these are letters to myself and no one else. You are welcome to read them though as I start writing again. 2:30 - Time's up.

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  1. Love this perspective Candice. So glad you're writing again:)